Group Dog Classes

Give your dog the best of everything including education.


For the cost of a couple of bags of dog food, you can give your dog something that will last a lifetime. Our classes are designed with your dog in mind.  Fun and informative, you and your dog will learn many practical, real life behaviors. With small class sizes, I also offer the flexibility to miss up to two weeks without penalty. So you can take some extra time to practice or keep your weekend plans, you won’t miss a thing. Private training and behavior modification is also available. Call (954)507-7524 for details.


Tricks for Fun and Fitness

Life of the party lessons

$100/4 sessions or $25 per class. Held every Thursday from 6 PM - 7 PM. (No appointment necessary.)

  • Your dog will learn entertaining tricks like play dead, roll over, wave, take a bow and more
  • Tricks can be a great way to give your dog a workout mentally and physically
  • Your dog will practice skills that help with balance, coordination, and mental stimulation
  • Tricks can be a fun way to teach practical, necessary skills
  • The class can be a great way build a shy dog’s confidence or give a hyper dog focus.
  • Trick training happens on Thursday evenings at Auggie’s Doggies in Ft Lauderdale. For directions to Auggie's Doggies click here: Driving directions to Auggie's Doggies.
  • Please contact the trainer to confirm there is space available in the class of your choice*
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Dog Manners and Social Skills

Basic training for the well-heeled pet

$150/5 week class

  • Group class is 5 sessions for $150.
  • Flexible sessions means you can easily make up any missed sessions.
  • You learn how to train your dog. Your dog gets to learn in a fun and social setting.
  • Your dog will learn sit, down, stay, come let’s go, touch, off, drop it and much more.
  • Please contact the trainer to confirm there is space available.*
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Advanced Placement Puppy

For smart puppies and cute puppies (so all puppies!)

 $150/5 week class

  • Socialize your puppy in a fun setting.
  • Open enrollment means you rarely have to wait to get started.
  • For puppies from 10 weeks to 5 months (with proof of vaccinations and veterinarian approval.)
  • The class provides the enrichment and mental stimulation your puppy needs to be a well-adjusted pet.
  • This class will address familiar puppy issues such as nipping, jumping and house training.
  • You will learn how to teach your dog foundation skills that give you the tools to raise your puppy to be a good dog.
  • This class is offered at Auggie's Pet Spa in Fort Lauderdale. For directions to Auggie's Pet Spa click here: Driving directions to Auggie's Pet Supplies. 
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