Dog & Puppy FAQ


A few of the questions dog owners always ask us


You start training your puppy the moment you bring it home! It’s up to you to get your dog started right. Your dog is learning from every interaction you have. A trainer can help you avoid the typical pitfalls puppy owners often face. A trainer can help you deal with housetraining, nipping and crate-training and ensure that you are on the right track.
Your dog will learn some manners. Training is meant to help you get the dog you want. So you get to decide what your dog learns. And I show you how to do it. We can focus on the behaviors you want and need. We will build on a foundation of basic obedience commands and train to the level you desire. But don’t sell your dog short! My goal is that you enjoy training so much you continue to do more with your dog.
How long it takes is up to you. Dogs can be taught new skills fairly quickly. It’s really a matter of how well that newly trained behavior is maintained through practice and by incorporating that behavior in to your daily life. I can customize a program to help you reach your goals.
You can use anything your dog likes, wants or needs to reward good behavior. Treats are just one of the things you can use. Play, toys, meals, car rides, walks, attention etc. are all things your dog would be willing to work for. Small, soft, tasty treats are just the most efficient reward, especially if you need to do lots of repetitions. (Hint: you do!)
Often, I see that people think that if their dog was naughty, it should be punished. But you cannot properly punish a dog’s behavior if you are acting out of frustration. Because that doesn’t really tell the dog what it did wrong. And if your dog doesn’t know what it did wrong, how can it change its behavior? You can’t punish a dog to tell them, “Don’t be a bad dog.” You have tell them what they should be doing instead. Catch your dog in the act, then your dog can make the association between its behavior and your response to its behavior. Good or bad. Most importantly, don’t become a source of pain for your dog.
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