Sit pretty! Roll over! Jump! Teaching your dog tricks might not seem like the easiest thing in the world, but it’s highly beneficial to you and your dog. Teaching your dog tricks can help strengthen your relationship with your beloved pet in many ways. Below are some great reasons why you should start teaching your dog tricks.

1. Make everyone safe- While learning to teach your dog tricks, you learn many training techniques which can also be used to help manage your dog. Tricks can allow your fearful dog to be around people and other dogs at a safe distance. Also, people who are afraid of dogs can still enjoy dogs without having to get too close to them.

2. Give your dog something to do- It doesn’t take long before your dog gets bored and decides to take on a new hobby like chewing anything in sight, including your brand new sofa. Teaching your dog tricks will keep him focused on the task at hand, and will entertain him and you!

3. Help keep your dog’s mind sharp- Teaching your dog tricks will keep his mind active, responsive and alert. Teaching your new and challenging tricks gives your dog the mental stimulation it needs to avoid boredom.

4. Help create a better bond between you and your dog- Tricks are fun to train and learn, so the tricks you teach become their own reward. Best of all, once your dog learns tricks you two become a team when training or performing.

5. Show off- You can show off your dog if you teach it some cool tricks, and your dog will get people’s attention. Dogs love attention and they love being in the spotlight so they will enjoy performing in front of your friends and family. Of course, you will also get the recognition of being a star trainer.

6. Make Vet check ups easier- Both the veterinarian and you hate it when your dog can’t control itself during a check up. If you teach your dog to be calm during the check up, it will make both of your lives easier, and you won’t be embarrassed that your dog is acting up. Wouldn’t be nice if your dog could lie on its side on cue to be examined (“play dead”) or offer its paw for nail trims (“high-five”)?

7. Give your dog a hobby- We all have hobbies we enjoy like watching TV, gardening or playing games, but dogs also need things to do. Teaching your dog tricks is a great thing to do on rainy days when you can’t take him for a walk.

If these reasons have inspired you to teach your dog tricks, then you’ve come to the right place. I am a Certified Trick Dog Instructor available for private and group lessons. I offer a Tricks for Fun and Fitness class in Ft Lauderdale at Auggie’s Doggies Learn more about trick training at or call me at 954.507.7524 for help training more fun and creative behaviors.