There is a lot more to getting a new dog than just puppy breath and doggy biscuits. Make sure you have all the stuff you need when you bring your new, fluffy family member home. Take this list with you when you shop for supplies to give you an idea what to get. A trainer can help show you how to use all these things to help your pet get acclimated to its new furever home. You can get nearly everything on this list at Pet Supplies Plus and Auggie’s Doggies and other retailers online.

☐Leash (4-6 feet not retractable)


☐ ID tag/Microchip


☐Exercise Pen



☐Potty pads

☐Enzymatic odor removal spray

☐Flea/tick treatment

☐Food dispensing toys

☐Brush, comb

☐Toenail clippers

☐Training Treats (small, soft)

☐Waste clean-up bags

☐ Toys: Puppy Kong,  Nylabone, plush toy, ball, tug toy

☐ Chew bones: Marrow bones, split antler, sterilized bones

☐Microwaveable warming pad

☐Puppy calming spray/diffuser

☐Puppy shampoo

☐ Puppy training classes

☐Water dish (stainless steel)