1. When your dog stops to sniff or look for a place to potty, don’t wait behind them. Continue to walk past them as far as the leash allows without pulling them. It causes your dog to have to catch up with you instead of pulling to let you know they are ready to walk again.
  2. Avoid retractable leashes because they encourage your dog to pull. Even if you usually keep this leash locked. If your dog has ever reached the end of a retractable leash, they will try to get that far again. This trains your dog to pull continuously.
  3. Don’t start your walk on the wrong foot by letting your dog charge out the door. It rewards over-excited behavior and sets the tone for the rest of the walk.
  4. Treat your walks with your dog like a training session; bring your treats or toy and clicker and practice the basics or whatever new skills you learned in class. If you walk your dog every day, your dog could be trained in no time. And even if you don’t have to walk your dog every day, you really should.
  5. Make your walks together not just about allowing the dog to eliminate. These trips outside should be about you and your dog. Be sure to pay attention to your companion. It’s a great time to praise every bit of eye contact from your dog.
  6. Practice close to home. Don’t feel silly walking back and forth in front of your house. You are trying teach your dog something that can be difficult amidst distractions. Reward your dog frequently in the familiar environment close to home before you take the show on the road.

Group classes or private training can help you reach your polite dog walking goals. Contact 954.507.7524 for details about classes or in-home training or day training for your dog.