January is National Train Your Dog Month and National Walk Your Pet Month. IT IS NOT TOO LATE!! A well-trained pet is a good family member.  Having confidence that your dog will listen when you need them to reduce stress on you and the dog. Exercise is also a key component to a happy and healthy pup.  Training – especially trick classes or agility – is an excellent way to be outside with your dog.  Walking with a well-behaved dog is a great way to enjoy our South Florida weather this time of year. An exercised dog is a calmer dog.    

  Call Evolutionary Dog Training and schedule your one-hour consultation.  During this session, our experienced behaviorist will assess your dog’s training needs and discuss some of the best ways to exercise your dog based on its specific breed.  START THE YEAR OFF EXERCISING AND TRAINING WITH YOUR PET.     

Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) hosts events and provides several resources for National Train Your Dog Month.